The Campaign

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Fly this plane while dodging and shooting


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The Campaign is an arcade game where you have to zoom through the skies aboard various airships. Your main aim is to maneuver without crashing into anything while you shoot at obstacles to clear your path and get points.

Though plane simulators tend to have rather complicated controls, The Campaign doesn't present too many difficulties in that regard. You basically have to tap the arrow at the right to reach a good speed and the buttons on the left to turn.

In addition, you'll have a button to shoot all sorts of things that appear on land. You also have to shoot all the mosquitos that try to run into your propellers, otherwise your plane could suffer damages. Another of the outstanding things about The Campaign is that you have the possibility to evolve different features of the airplanes to boost their performance and stay longer in the air.

With The Campaign you can have a great time trying to control each plane with the greatest possible precision. The practicality of the controls and the simplicity of the gameplay mean you have to worry solely about moving forward and beating each level.